Early, long-term fly control can help improve productivity

Managing the fly burden before an outbreak occurs will help you prevent potential production impacts. This will often mean managing the problem before fly numbers increase to a level where they can easily get out of control. Flies can cause economic losses in both the dairy and beef herd through reduced feed intake. This will […]

The New Arrowquip 87 Series

The new Arrowquip 87 series is available through our shop now. The new Q-Catch 87 series is the quietest handling crush on the market, with extensive research and development, Arrowquip have revolutionized the way we handle our livestock. Making for a safer and stress free experience for both cattle and handler. For more information, speak […]

Which silage additive is right for me?

Which silage additive is right for me? Silaging time is upon us again! Now its time to start thinking of which silage additive you should be using for your silage to get the most from it. Here at Harpers we supply the Magniva range of inoculants. They provide a specific range of bacteria and enzymes […]