Skinners Field & Trial Working 23

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Specially adapted to meet the nutritional needs of active dogs and working dogs, this Skinner’s Field & Trial Working 23 Dry Dog Food provides all the essential nutrients needed for a healthy canine lifestyle!
This food combines beef with a mix of grains in delicious pieces. These are all rich in omega fatty acids, helping to keep the coat glossy and ensure good skin health.
Skinner’s Field & Trial Working 23 Dry Dog Food also contains vitamins, trace elements and minerals that all contribute to a balanced nutritional profile. The special recipe contains protein and carbohydrate to support daily performance and activity!

Balanced dry food for active and working dogs
With beef: high content of animal protein to support optimal performance and stamina
With an energy-rich mix of grains: a concentrated energy content to ensure your sporty, active or working dog has its daily needs optimally met
Supports strong muscles
Promotes healthy teeth and bones
Rich in omega fatty acids: essential for smooth skin and glossy coat
With vitamins, trace elements and minerals: for a balanced nutritional profile