Volac Topwrap Balewrap 500mm

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Volac Topwrap
Trusted design and specifications
Manufactured to the highest specifications to ensure uniform thickness and excellent weather protection, minimise spoilage from unwanted temperature fluctuation, and produce nutrient rich forage. Our trusted design offers UV protection from sun damage, ideal tack levels, reduced risk of necking, as well as low permeability – reducing the effects of air and water upon the bale.

High quality winter forage

The advanced technology and raw materials, used to produce the film, ensures there are no weak points created within the wrap, whilst every pallet undergoes rigorous tests to guarantee the highest standards are always met before the finished product is allowed to leave the factory. With support and back-up on hand from our technical team for all our customers, the wrap is the right choice at the right price for superior winter forage.

When/how to use
Rolls of Topwrap should be stored in dark, cool conditions, taking care not to
damage the ends of the rolls. Bales should be dense, well-shaped and of 35-40%
dry matter (DM). A minimum of four layers of film should be applied using a 50%
overlap, though trials have shown that six layers can reduce losses, giving improved
economic benefits.